Why choose us

Low trading costs


※ Average of other FCM \19,988 (through our research in Jan. 2017)

※ Normal trading (trading SmartCX fee is \16,200)

Hybrid Services

You can consult our staff when placing your orders.
For timely order execution, you can make orders from your mobile phone and your personal computer. If your not so good at using computers or the Internet, we can help you make orders at our call center.

Online trade

In our online services, technical charts and other market information are available. In addition, actions such as placingorders, cancelling orders, withdrawals as well as viewing account information and mail notices are available.

Full time call center services

Trading after work

Daytime business hours 09:00-15:15
Nighttime business hours 16:30-04:00
Global markets often make moves at night, and you can participate via the Interenet and also via call centerany time when the market is open.
Online services are available 24 hours a day, which means you can view information and trade any time. (※ Except for maintenance hours)

Real-time market information

Members only Seminars Free movies

Customer Assets Preservation

Customer Assets Preservation

Segregated Accounts
As mandated by law, all customers’ margin account funds are placed into a segregated account through the Japan Commodity Clearing House (JCCH). JCCH acts as an independent centralized clearing house and as the counter party to each trade on all commodity exchanges in Japan, and is licensed by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF).
In the event of a default of SUNWARD TRADING, customers can make a claim to have their funds returned directly to JCCH. Each client is protected up to a maximum of 10 million yen by the National Futures Protection Fund. Click the links below for more information.

JCCH: http://www.jcch.co.jp/i/i_e.html
National Futures Protection: http://www.hogokikin.or.jp/rules.htm
This document is translated for reference purposes for clients’understanding of our services in commodity futures.However, thegoverning language of the conclusion of brokerage contract shall be Japanese.If a translation hereof is made for reference purposes, only the Japaneseoriginal shall have the effect of a contract and said translation shall have no effect